IF you are visiting from NYC, great, enjoy what the Keys have to offer.  Have a great time and respect those who call the Keys home.   If you are from NYC and plan on moving down and you voted for the current mayor of New York City....stay the HELL out.  Same for Seattle, LA, San Fran, Chicago, Atlanta. 6/2020.

It is obvious that government agencies (Local2Federal) are incapable of managing any type of housing.   They fail and fail (https://keysnew.s.com/article/story/senior-center-needs-bailout/) and will continue to fail.   What is the solution, well, families taking care of families with the government staying out of our daily lives with an increase in taxes ,fees and regulations.   But government sees itself as the solution, the helper, but it families. (6/2020)

This is the Environmental Movement

The authoritarian soul has taken the City of Key West commissioners is on full display:  https://www.flkeysnews.com/news/local/article247284939.html

Those in power will always seek to increase their hold on the neck of those who will not stand; the neck hold today is fear, tomorrow it will be more physical.   If these "leaders" had their increased authoritarian way, would they push toward a California or New York lockdown policies?

​Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Mask Links:




​https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/sns-nyt-coronavirus-masks-20201119-634ahctknzemrgdjcqat4f4rlm-story.html                       (11/20/2020)

Now (6/2020) after a pandemic that shut down the city we have rich white folk attempting to rid their view of paradise of cruise ships (just the big one they say).  Come on rich white folk, the virus may just take care of.   So why make life harder for small business (which are not rich white folk) struggling to make, why not just let capitlisam take its course.....Oh....thats why! 

Get ready for an increase of Northerners (North of 15-mile stretch to migrate from viruses and peaceful protest, which will mean increase regulation and taxes....bet within two years the invasion will be in full force. (6/2020)

We are past the crossroad of discussion concerning the growth of the State vs Individual Liberty.    We are at the point to plant your flag for the Liberty of the Individual or the Power of the State (anarchy leads to the power of the state).

Let's keep the cruise ships and get rid of the vacation rentals and hotels.   This will solve the vehicle issue and affordable housing issue.   The cruise ship passengers usually walk or trolley and out of two prior to sunset.   This way the streets are less clogged with vehicles.   Save Cruise Ships, Remove Hotels, and Vacation Rentals.  (6/2020)

Great job Florida Keys government, increasing taxes on homeowner who are many times just getting by.   Great to hire more government employees, grow that State of government mind.      Why do families leave, cause of you, maybe that is what the State of government in the Keys desire.   State of government in the Keys:  home owners leave, we need developers to bring in more money to pay for more retirements, health care, power!

Why not....just think about it.  Let's keep the cruise ships (if they survive the China Virus) and ban buses from the mainland, only allow cars with local stickers and get rid of ALL vacation rentals and limit the number of hotel occupants to 35%. That keeps the cars out of our neighborhoods, limits tourist to Duval. 7/2020

Which of these is a symbol for fascism and/or communism?



For those who did not vote, this video is for you! 


City of Key West commissioners did it, they have taking another step to “San Fran Key West” with the ban of the “evil” plastic straw.   What’s next the diabolical plastic fork, the hateful plastic spoon or maybe the killer plastic knife?    Maybe the commissioners will pass another liberty removing regulation that business cannot sell anything with a plastic wrapping. 

Here is an idea, pass a ban on tourist from highly polluting centuries such China; as well as banning business from doing business with Chinese entities.    At least with this regulation you will not be stepping on the ankles of the People of Key West.

The ban on plastic straws is not a ban to protect the environment (look for yourself what is more resource intensive, plastic or paper-based products); but the continued success to remove the liberty of people to live their lives as they choose.  

Once we accept that a government body has the authority to dictate the smallest of details of our life then we have given our Declaration of Independence away.   Just look at NOAA going after water activities with their draft regulation.

I am sure we will hear from the commissioners that we need more code enforcement officers due to the increase of illegal activities by the People, which is nothing more than our liberties yesterday made illegal today.  Then an increase in taxes to support the increase of personal…. the loop continues.

A new law, you must call Florida your primary residence for 7 years prior to voting in local, county and state elections. (6/2020)